2023 Nuveen Natural Capital Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Nuveen Natural Capital is on a sustainability journey that began more than a decade ago. Our 2023 Sustainability Report describes the many achievements along the way, as well as our current work and objectives.


This year’s report showcases our progress across our Nature, Climate, and People priorities. It describes how our policies and processes, data collection, and on-the-ground initiatives support our holistic sustainability strategy. We also feature testimonials from ten different stakeholders along the value chain, each of whom is collaborating with Nuveen Natural Capital on this journey.


Since our first Nuveen Natural Capital combined sustainability report, our teams have been advancing:

  • from anecdotes to metrics: moving beyond asset-specific stories to more systematic tracking of practices

  • from pilots to scale: testing new methodologies, then broadening application across our portfolio

  • from baselines to targets: gaining a deeper understanding of our current state to better track improvements over time


Please click on the link below to access the 2023 Nuveen Natural Capital Sustainability Report.

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