Baker Steel to Launch the ES Baker Steel Electrum Fund


Baker Steel to launch the ES Baker Steel Electrum Fund, investing in producers of critical “future facing” commodities

Baker Steel is pleased to announce the launch on 29th April 2022 of the ES Baker Steel Electrum Fund (“the Fund”), a UK-domiciled OEIC investing in the producers of metals and materials required for the green revolution and new technology. The Fund will follow Baker Steel’s award-winning Electrum strategy, which has successfully delivered strong risk-adjusted returns through investing in speciality and precious metals since its launch three years ago. 


Electrum is an actively managed equity fund and will  invest in the producers, processors and recyclers of speciality metals, alongside selected precious and industrial metals. The Fund offers investors exposure to the themes of rising demand for raw materials and potential shortages and price spikes of certain metals required for the green energy transition, alongside the broader themes of re-shoring and energy security in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Ukraine crisis. The Fund’s disciplined investment strategy will have a strong focus on value and risk management, alongside a particular focus on ESG research utilising Baker Steel’s proprietary in-house ESG screening and scoring framework.


ES Baker Steel Electrum Fund

  • Launch date: 29th April 2022 (initial offer period begins 25th April 2022).
  • An award-winning investment strategy, now available as a daily-traded UK OEIC.
  • A proven investment team with technical expertise and multi-cycle experience, utilising proprietary in-house valuation modelling and ESG research.
  • A positive outlook for the natural resources sector, with many speciality metals facing surging demand forecasts.
  • Seeding “S Class” now open to pre-launch investment with preferential fee terms (Information Sheet attached).
  • To be made available via major UK fund platforms.


The green revolution will transform the metals and mining industry in the years ahead, and Electrum’s strategy remains positioned to offer exposure to the bull market we believe is just beginning for speciality metals, through a combination of bottom-up stock selection, targeting high quality producers, processors and recyclers, and top-down asset allocation weighting strategically between sub-sectors of the industry. Our investment approach is value-driven and focused on those companies with the best assets, effective management, attractive shareholder returns and that operate in an ethical and sustainable manner in line with our own ESG principles. 


The seeding “S Class” shares, which will be open for a limited time only, give early investors a preferential low management fee of just 0.5%, with no performance fee

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