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Monday Morning Memo: The Fund Industry Needs to Re-invent Itself

The study “Searching for Growth in an Age of Disruption” conducted by the consulting firm Oliver Wyman and Morgan Stanley Research, estimates a mere one per cent compound annual growth rate for the revenues of asset managers. According to the authors of the study, the slowdown in revenue grow

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Monday Morning Memo: A Brief View of Measures to Identify “Closet Trackers”

Detlef Glow identifies some problems with the measures that are used to establish the activity of portfolio managers in the current investigations into  “Closet Trackers”.

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India – Why Now?

India Why Now

Julian Page weighs the balance between 5 potential sectors of growth for the coming years against 5 risks that are threatening India today.

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European Investors Show Increased Appetite for Risk in January 2018

Detlef Glow gives us the complete list of facts and figures for the movements in fund flows during the month of January 2018.

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Swiss Equities: Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Active Funds?

Active strategies are outperforming passive in a number of Swiss equity focused funds, now could be the time to invest according to Julian Page.

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