Here at DDQINVEST, we have strong beliefs through which we apply ourselves on a day to day basis. These beliefs are represented and adhered to through our company values: Innovation, Collaboration, Community, Transparency, Independence and Excellence.


Providing a fresh perspective on fund research
DDQINVEST do things differently. We do not adopt a ‘me too’ attitude to fund selection as we believe in exploring the magnitude of information that is desired but not currently available to investors. To this aim, the primary focus of our research leads us to offering detailed information in areas such as fund manager philosophies, client service proficiencies and due diligence questionnaires. We constantly look at new ways to collect, analyse and present research that is typically underrepresented in the industry.


Incorporating the best minds in the industry
Our goal of providing cutting edge research in fund selection results in collaboration with top professors, academics and experienced professionals from across the world. This collaboration enables us to provide an eclectic range of resources to investors unique to DDQINVEST. Within the company we encourage critical and independent thinking which promotes a culture of openness and collective purpose. We advocate engaged interaction between the different teams in the business, so that knowledge is constantly shared, and seamless efficient communication takes place.


Bringing together stakeholders for enriched dialogue
Our continuous goal is to grow our community of investors and fund managers through our events and online fund platform. We believe in creating the right environment, be it through physical or virtual interaction, to allow investors to gain a thorough knowledge of the funds we have selected in order to aid efficient allocation of their own funds. Our team works in a close-knit community where there exists an understanding of the roles played by each team. We place great importance in building relationships with our clients and so communicating effectively to investors and fund managers helps to create trust and benefit stakeholders.


Shining a light on the unknowns in the industry
We believe in being up front. This means demonstrating how we do business and how the companies we research do business. We adopt a simple, straightforward fund selection process that incorporates simple metrics to allocate an overall score to every fund we research and allows us to select the top funds in each sector. Encouraging fund management houses to be as transparent as possible in areas such as fees, strategy and investment processes is key for us to be able to provide insightful information on our platform.


Fund selection based on merit
DDQINVEST use a proprietary methodology from which to conduct research and select funds. Each and every fund on our platform has to qualify through our fund selection criteria to feature and so funds are selected solely by merit. We therefore do not allow fund houses to simply promote funds they wish at any given time. By operating in this we are able to remove all conflicts of interest and provide investors with research on what we believe are the top funds in each sector.


Setting the highest standards in fund selection
We strive for excellence in everything we do. Through a culture of hard work and questioning the status quo we aim deliver quality in all aspects of the business. Through our events we match top quality fund managers to targeted, appropriate investors. In our online platform we showcase excellent funds with comprehensive research on each, providing investors with invaluable information we believe in most cases cannot be found elsewhere. We place a large value on teamwork where all opinions are heard, and ideas considered. We believe that this culture of expression and debate breeds creativity and the ability to excel, both individually and as a single entity.