Baker Steel Webinar: Can Miners Outperform Amid the Energy Crisis, Inflation and Tense Geopolitics?

Equity and Commodity

The start of the year has seen tumultuous events buffer global markets, yet we see much promise for the metals and mining sector amid rising commodity prices, tight supply chains, and soaring demand projections for critical metals from green industries soar.

11 May 2022
  • Webinar at 10:00 BST/11:00 CEST

Join Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP as our Fund Managers share their views on the current state of precious and speciality metals miners, with a focus on rising inflation, the continued threat to energy security and rising risks affecting markets.


With inflationary pressures continuing to mount, putting the world’s economies, businesses and policymakers under pressure, we ask what does this means for the metals and mining sector? Commodities, and particularly precious metals, have traditionally performed well under inflationary environments, yet questions remain over the impact of higher nominal yields and rising production costs for miners. Meanwhile, historic levels of projected spending on the “green revolution”, indicates that a transformation of the mining industry lies ahead, as demand forecasts for critical and strategic metals surge. The ongoing conflict following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has far-reaching consequences for the natural resources sector and highlights starkly the fragility of supply chains for critical raw materials and energy.


We consider that sub-sectors of the mining industry will continue to see disparities in performance as the upcycle for commodities gains pace. Speciality metals producers face a continued strong outlook this year, while precious metals appear to be entering a recovery phase. With mining companies largely in good shape, with healthy balance sheets and the potential for many companies to raise dividends, we believe the years ahead will be a rewarding time for active investment management in this sector. 


The exclusive webinar will be with Mark Burridge, Managing Partner and Fund Manager, who, with over 25 years’ experience in the international metals and mining industry, considers many of the key indicators for growth within the sector to be actively present. Alongside him will be James Hayter, Investment Advisor, whose knowledge of the speciality metals sector informs the Electrum Fund’s exposure to “future facing” metals. We will also be joined by David Baker, Managing Partner and Fund Manager, the co-founder of Baker Steel, whose lengthy career in the gold sector, both in the industry and as an investor, offers a unique perspective on the opportunities in the sector today.

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