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Can the U.S. Keep Up with Asia in the Chip Wars?

After decades of steadily losing ground in semiconductor manufacturing, the U.S. bets its hopes and...


Quality and Low Volatility – The X Factors for Sustainable Investing?

Key points:  A truly sustainable investment approach should consider a trinity of financials, environmental impact...


International Equities Present Mispriced Value

International equities offer historically cheap valuations relative to their own history and to U.S. equities...


Investing in Innovation

Key Points   Baillie Gifford’s clients invest in innovation via the companies shaping the future...

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Mid-Cap Returns for Large-Cap Risk

The strategy currently has a definite bias toward larger cap companies. How does this fit with a...


Market Volatility Expected to Rise as the US Debt Ceiling Debate Continues

Key takeaways Talks resume On Sunday night, President Joe Biden returned from the G-7 Summit, Speaker Kevin...


Addressing Major Changes Relevant to Long-Term Responsible Investors

Washington – As we settle into 2023, we believe long-term responsible investors focused on risk management and opportunity...


PM Spotlight: A Mathematician Managing Munis

Nick Venditti, Senior Portfolio Manager of Municipal Fixed Income, has an exceptional background in municipal bond risk....