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Global Alpha Research Agenda 2023

Key Points The current market environment is offering many opportunities to the patient investor The...


Investing in Interesting Times

What happened to major asset prices before 2022 and what changed in 2022? This article...


Central Banks: Next Steps in Fighting Inflation

ECB: All eyes are on the upcoming ECB meeting this Thursday when the next step in...


JP’s Journal: Should Have Been a Fun Manager

My wife is an archaeologist. When in social gatherings her job has always garnered more...

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Long Term Capital Market Expectations – UK Edition

UK regional edition of our January 2023 Long-Term Capital Market Expectations. These proprietary expectations represent a forward...


When will Central Banks Cease Tightening?

Markets suggest the US has almost reached an inflection point, while the UK and Europe have further...


‘Weeding Out’ Not-Quite-So Green Bonds

The additionality and environmental credentials of each issuance must be scrutinised. Limiting climate change and addressing the...


Tapping the Potential of the New Asian Consumer

Summary The behaviour of Asian consumers is changing, resulting in both challenges and opportunities for consumer companies....