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The Case for Sustainable Investing in the UK

In the UK, vaccination rates were rising and pandemic restrictions easing as we moved into...


International Small Caps – Challenge and Opportunity

London – Since early May, international small-cap stocks, as measured by the MSCI EAFE Small/Mid Cap...


BAKERSTEEL Electrum Fund Q2 2021 Investment Manager’s Commentary

Highlights: ‍ Industrial metals performed well, as the recovery from COVID-19 progressed. Speculation over potential...


High Yield Chat with Principal Global Investors

DDQ Invest chats to Simone Mallardi, Senior High Yield Analyst

Julian Page DDQ Invest 26.42 min listen

How to find a special situation investment...

M&G Special Situations Podcast

Podbean 22:29

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Bullish and Bearish COVID Developments: CDC Advisors...

Boston – According to a new analysis by a consortium of researchers advising the...


Some Like it Hot – The True...

55% – that’s how much the European Commission wants to reduce the European...


Value Versus Growth: More Than Just a...

With growth companies riding high for much of the last decade, there has...


Digitising Transactions in Asia: One Chop at...

Paper-based documentation and chops are disappearing across Asia as a result of relaxed...

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18 Nov 2021

Global Investment Solutions – GIS Geneva 2021

Our annual GIS Geneva conference is entering its 6th consecutive year and will...

Beau - Rivage, Geneva

16 Nov 2021

Global Investment Solutions – GIS Zurich 2021

Entering its 6th consecutive year, our GIS Zurich conference is an event not...

Marriott Hotel, Zurich


Larry Hatheway – Founder of Harbor Advisors

DDQINVEST talks to Larry Hatheway, Founder of Harbor Advisors about Inflation with Carolin Roth.

Christina Church – Head of Sustainable Investments, Lombard Odie

DDQINVEST talks to Christina Church, Head of Sustainable Investments, Lombard Odier about the ESG Investment Funds with Carolin Roth.

Andreas Wosol – Head of Value, Amundi Asset Management

DDQINVEST talks to Andreas Wosol, Head of Value, Amundi Asset Management about the shadow of growth investing with Carolin Roth.

Sarah Hardy on Ballie Gifford’s approach to Client Servicing

GIS Conferences Switzerland

A chance to capture the essence of the GIS Conferences organised by DDQ INVEST in Switzerland since 2008

Steve Kenny – Director of Wholesale Business

DDQINVEST talks to Steve Kenny, Director of Wholesale Business about Client Services.

Tim Alcorn – Head of Investment Risk Baillie Gifford

DDQINVEST talks to Tim Alcorn, Head of Investment Risk Baillie Gifford about Risk Management.