Exploring the Impacts of AI Regulation on Society, Business and Economies

Artificial Intelligence

The rapid and widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a major topic of discussion in the past few years. Although this technology is still comparatively new, successful use cases can already be found across all industries, allowing businesses to capture emerging opportunities or to streamline and simplify existing processes. However, AI also carries several risks for companies, economies and markets, as well as society as a whole.

Against this backdrop – and following the recent approval of the first AI regulations by the EU (AI Act) – the EFG Gamma Foundation hosted an event about “The impact of AI Regulation on society, business and economies” on 29 May 2024. The Swiss Institute in Rome (ISR) provided the stunning setting for the event, which explored the opportunities, risks and challenges posed by AI and examined the overall importance of the AI and the related regulations.


A panel of experts, including Prof. Luciano Floridi (Professor and Founding Director of the Digital Ethics Center, Yale University), Stefano Aversa (Global Vice Chairman and Chairman EMEA, Alix Partners), Claudio Zamboni (Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Datrix Group), Alessio Garzonio (Principal, Finscience), Moz Afzal (Global CIO, EFG international) and Prof. Andrea Beltratti (Chairman, EFG Gamma Foundation) discussed the ethics of AI and its pros and cons for society. They also presented actual use cases of AI applications in different sectors and shared their views on the impacts of AI on economies and markets.


This was the latest in a series of conferences organised by this private foundation supported by EFG to foster knowledge-building and discussions about different topics, particularly from an applied management perspective.


Watch the highlights of the event and click here for more information on the EFG Gamma Foundation.

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