The Beginning of the Beginning: Byte, Atom, Gene

Long-Term Market

Franklin Equity Group is excited about the future; whatever the new year brings, we anticipate enhancements to our ways of life.


We are long-term thinkers by nature. The difficulty of a 2022 outlook, at least as it pertains to our thinking, is that a year out is simply too short of a time frame. If we believe that our particular skill set directs us to finding value in companies that will grow well in excess of market rates for, in many cases, decades, then an outlook examining the next 365 days is deeply incomplete.


Over the past five years, we have spoken to clients about five distinct platforms: disruptive commerce, genomic advancements, intelligent machines, new finance and exponential data. We continue to see these platforms as both good lenses to view the changes happening within the global economy and as long-term drivers of innovation. However, while these platforms answer the question of “what” is going to change, they fail to answer “ why” we are going to experience this change. Looking to 2022, our answer to “why” can be summed up in three words: Byte, Atom, Gene.




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