Volatility, Value and Variants: 360°, Q1 2022

Fixed Income and Multi Asset

In this latest edition of 360°, Stephane Michel, Head of Fixed Income, Multi Asset Credit Solutions, and our team of specialist investors consider the likely shape of markets in a post-pandemic world.

Will an easing of supply-chain constraints put a lid on price rises or should we expect something more long-term and structural? Are central banks moving too fast, too slow or not at all?




  • Returning capital to shareholders; issuer behaviour remains rational
  • Event risk on the rise: EU telcos and UK supermarket LBOs in focus
  • A bumper year for CLO issuance
  • Credit opportunities in Chinese property
  • Why SLBs are like Marmite to the market


Read the full report for a more comprehensive picture.

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As fixed income markets have moved through the economic cycle, our thinking has also developed – take a look at some of our previous reports to see how the investment landscape has changed over time.


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