A New Era of Inflation – Time for Real Assets and Precious Metals?


It is increasingly clear that consumers and businesses are facing a period of inflation of a greater magnitude and longevity than predicted by policymakers earlier this year, amid evidence of rising prices globally.  As precious metals specialists, we identify three current key trends for investors in this sector –


1. Inflationary forces are coming through and appear more persistent than previously assumed.


2. The return of inflation is positive for precious metals, which have historically acted as an inflation hedge.


3. Many gold miners are positioned to weather higher costs, through new technologies and continuous improvements.

“Go Gold, Go Green” is the theme that Baker Steel has positioned itself towards, with our market-leading, gold equities strategy, BAKERSTEEL Precious Metals Fund, alongside the BAKERSTEEL Electrum Fund, which offers exposure to “future facing metals producers”. Furthermore, our proprietary ESG scoring system provides a complement to our set of unique valuation tools

Read our team’s thoughts below covering how we see markets currently and also more information on our range of funds.

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