Net Zero – Cutting Through the Noise to the Issues that Matter Most

Responsible Investing

In this climate-focused webinar, we discuss three areas where we believe the time to act is now.

Few issues are as significant to our environment and society, and investment returns, as climate change. The challenge it presents is only becoming more pressing, as the energy transition progresses too slowly, and the geopolitical environment becomes more complex.


In this webinar, we are joined by Nick Stansbury, Head of Climate Solutions, Laura Brown, Head of Client and Sustainability Solutions and Stephen Beer, Senior Manager – Sustainability & Responsible Investment, who discuss three areas where we believe the time to act is now:


  • Net Zero 2050: More affordable than ever, if we act now
  • Omission Impossible: Scope 3 emissions cannot be ignored
  • Engagement-led investing: Being bolder about moving companies from brown to green


 Access the recording to view the webinar and listen to our experts’ insights in full.

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