Publication of “Sustainability Report 2022”


Asset Management One Co., Ltd. (“AM-One”; President & CEO Akira Sugano) is pleased to announce the publication of AM-One’s “Sustainability Report 2022”, a comprehensive overview of AM-One’s sustainability efforts.


AM-One has been publishing a “Stewardship Report” since 2018 to inform stakeholders of AM-One’s approach to stewardship activities. And since 2021, we have significantly expanded the content to introduce our overall activities for sustainability, including sustainable investment and stewardship activities.


In the last fiscal year’s report, AM-One summarized our approach to sustainability and presented it as our declaration. This fiscal year’s report provides detailed insight into the processes, practices and ambitions of the firm, including the establishment of our Sustainable Investment Approach, ESG-related Naming Rules,
and Net Zero Assessment Framework.


AM-One continues to deeply engage in sustainability, one of our top priorities and aims to be an asset management company that contributes to creating a sustainable society and future for all clients.

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